Aarón S. Ramos

Aarón S. Ramos – photographer from Canary Islands (Spain). He has had many individual and group exhibitions. He is winner of a few photo contests.
I came to photography almost by accident fifteen years ago and since then I could not stop. Since I made my first concert photo with film (awful hehe) I fell in love with what I saw through the camera. I already loved the music, but to capture the moment when something magical happens seduced me as much as the magic of photography itself. Since then I ask me the question, “when they play, where musicians go?” No answer here, but the funny thing is looking for the answer itself. When I am with the camera there is nothing else, just the music and the way I listen to it through what I see.
I specialize in concert photography, theater and portrait. Working with existing and nonexistent light. I talk to my cats and I love music.
E-mail: info [at] aaronsramos.com