Krzysztof GrabowskiKrzysztof Grabowski is a Polish freelance photographer. He lives in Bielsko-Biala, a picturesque city surrounded by The Beskidy Mountains, in the south of Poland. He has been interested in photography since the late 90′s when he began taking pictures of mountain landscapes. The passion for photography has been shared with travelling. For many years now he has visited lots of countries in Europe, Asia and America. People, their lives and the special moments in which he meets them during the journeys is Krzysztof’s  favourite topic of his photos. He is also the creator and the owner of, a website made with passion and dedicated to those who enjoy travelling and are inspired by high quality photography. In 2012 he organized a nationwide photo contest which was patronized by  Jacek Pałkiewicz, one of the best known Polish travellers and explorers.

Music is another Korzysztof’s passion without which he cannot imagine his life. No wonder he often says poetically: “Music is my homeland” and works as a photographer at numerous concerts in Poland and abroad. He cooperates with one of the biggest jazz portals in Poland Jazzarium ( where one can find his photos and articles. He is also the creator of MPC (Music Photographers Collective) and the owner of  Encore Seven, a producer of music equipment, especially tube (valve) stereo amplifiers high-end branded Egg-Shell.

Krzysztof Grabowski with Michał Wróblewski Trio

Krzysztof Grabowski with Michał Wróblewski Trio

See his galleries below or more here (in polish): – private portfolio

Jazzarium – all articles and photos from jazz concerts

Fotowyprawy – travel and tourist articles and photos

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Zajmuje się fotografią od ponad 20 lat. Jego ulubioną dziedziną jest dokument. Łączy swoją pasję z muzyką fotografując koncerty, głównie jazzowe. Publikuje zdjęcia i teksty w portalu Jazzarium ( W wolnym czasie podróżuje i wówczas także najchętniej kieruje aparat w stronę ludzi i tego, co dzieje się wokół. Jest twórcą i redaktorem portalu Fotowyprawy ( Niewielkie portfolio prezentuje na stronie